Shortly after purchasing Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company in 1981, Tom and John Boldt formed Boldt Brothers Building Maintenance. Their company was to be guided by one simple principle: Provide superior contract cleaning services that consistently exceed the expectations of St. Louis’ most discriminating corporate and multi-tenant clients.

Operating under this philosophy, Boldt Brothers quickly made a name for itself, most notably by attracting the attention of a commercial developer of Class A space that was seeking a “Class A” cleaning service. This relationship, the first of many, propelled the business to new heights. Just as the company’s growth began to exceed the supervisory capacity of the two brothers, James Boldt joined the organization, rounding out the Boldt Brothers trio of management. Today, all three brothers share equal responsibility in managing the daily responsibilities of the company and are in constant, close contact with clients and employees.

By way of history, Boldt Brothers secured its first major commercial cleaning contract in 1984, competing against much larger companies, by establishing a strong relationship with a client specializing in Class A office space. This client relationship was so strong that it lives on: serving as the prototypical model of Boldt Brothers absolute dedication to client satisfaction. What’s more, this dedication applies to the aggressive recruitment of high-quality employees that make up this winning team. To put this in perspective: the first employee that Boldt Brothers hired in 1982 is still a valued team member today, and we now feature a staff of over 400 employees.

Today, Boldt Brothers maintains solid relationships with some of the most prominent Fortune 500, Fortune 100, and government agencies in the area. Additionally, the company remains committed to giving back to the community that has brought it so much success, and has made a conscious effort to maintain the “city roots” that allowed the business to grow and thrive. In fact, Boldt Brothers is headquartered within a historic firehouse located on Vandeventer Avenue, well within the St. Louis City limits.

Looking towards the future, Boldt Brothers is proud to be a part of the solution to our environment’s pressing need for more eco-friendly business practices. While the company has long-since adopted an environmentally conscious position, it has recently redoubled it’s efforts to incorporate environmentally-friendly “green seal” certified products. In fact, Boldt Brothers exceeds the requirements set forth; once again, leading by example.